Why Apple wont switch to USB-C

Many people including myself have been waiting for a usb-c iphone for years now but we haven’t seen or heard of one. For me personally a usb-c iphone would make my life alot easier, many devices now use usb-c for charging anyway such as cameras, drones, portable battery packs, even Apples own macbook and ipad, yet we have no information about it arriving to the iphone. One cable to charge all your tech devices is a dream which we may never get to experince, one master cable for your mac, ipad and iphone will reduce to stress of looking for all individual cables and forgetting the one you may need the most. Apple regulates who can produce lightening cables to ensure quality and to also allow the sale of licences which a company must own to be able to make lightening cables. Apple has spoken about this, according to macworld, “The reason Apple won’t add USB-C to the iPhone is the newly introduced QI charger with it’s nostalgic name: MagSafe. It the perfect opportunity for Apple to drive customers to spend £39 on another accessory for their iPhone, instead of just using the charging cable that comes in the package (and the plug that doesn’t)”. This is a prime example of Apple using marketing techniques to make the consumer feel like they need something even when they don’t. Apple has also came out to say that if they did make the switch to usb-c then the amount of charging cables that would end up as e-waste would be immense, yet they decided to not include a charger in the box of the recent Iphone 12 modles and only providing a charging cable which is usb-c to lightening, many people esspecially those who did not buy the previouse year Iphone 11 would not have a charging brick that is usb-c output therefore millions of people would need to buy a brick seperetly which will include more packaging and trucks being worse for the environment, that is without mentioning the cheap and unsafe chargers some customers might buy to be able to charge their device creating fire hazards and potentinally a blown battery in your brand new phone. With the introduction of magsafe to the iphone and the promminent marketing of this feature i believe we will see a portless Iphone before we see a usb-c Iphone if that ever happens. So dont hold your breathe waiting for the dream of one cable for all devices, that is unless you are on team windows and android.

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